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When it comes to the needs of your special pet, the same question arises time and again as to who is capable and knowledgeable enough to provide the necessary care while you're away. This is where I come in. My purpose is to attend to the minute details of your pet's special needs.


As an LVT and as an animal owner, I’ve noticed a lack of medically qualified pet sitting services in the Washington D.C. metro area. There is no substitute for the quality care of a professional veterinarian. However, as an LVT, I have prepared animals for surgery, which requires knowledge of drug calculations, pre-medications and induction of anesthesia, surgical monitoring, and post-operative care.  I have also performed dental prophylaxis incorporating tooth extractions and local nerve blocks for additional analgesia, as well as assistance with lab work, digital radiology, and overall patient care. In addition, I have maintained a leadership role in managing critical care patients during emergencies and invasive surgical procedures.


I have worked as a lead technician in general practice at McLean Animal Hospital in McLean, VA, as an intensive care unit/emergency technician at SouthPaws in Fairfax, VA, and as a surgical/anesthesia technician at Veterinary Orthopedic Sports Medicine in Annapolis Junction, MD. 


There's no substitute for the care of a veterinarian, but the combination of my work experiences helps enable me to fine-tune pet sitting into the art form that your pet needs.



Flat fee of $60 per Visit to Your Home (40 minutes)

Flat fee of $160 for 3 Visits a Day (8:00 am - 8:00 pm)

Full day and overnight care available, price determined upon request.

Surcharge of $25 for Daytime On-Call, $35 for Overnight

Surcharge of $30 for Holidays

Surcharge of $15 for Last Minute Booking (Day Of)

(Oral medications included in the above listed pricing.)

$20 per SQ Injection

$25 per IM Injection

$30 per SQ Fluids Administration

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