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Love & Care

“Because of the dog's joyfulness, our own is increased. It is no small gift. It is not the least reason why we should honor as well as love the dog of our own life, and the dog down the street, and all the dogs not yet born. What would the world be like without music or rivers or the green and tender grass? What would this world be like without dogs?” ~ Mary Oliver, Dog Songs

Love your older pets

There's nothing like the unconditional love you get from your pet. It's a feeling that only they can elicit, and they deserve the same in return.

When they're in my care, it is my purpose to provide them with the every day love you give them, so that they can continue to feel your presence and to know that they're the priority.


Their time will be filled with cuddles, belly rubs, play time, and favorite treats!

Sleeping dog: Allow your special pet to rest easy while you are away

The reason you come to Pawticular Pet Care is because your pet needs more than basic day care or pet sitting.


Because of my experience as a licensed veterinary technician (LVT) I can give your pets the tailored medical care they need. Their stay will be structured around their specific issues and, together, we will ensure that they receive the appropriate care.


My goal is to make you feel that your pet is in the best hands second, of course, to your own.

Dog on the beach: let your special pet have fun while you are away
Medical Care
Medical care might simply mean a bit of extra love and attention. Fine-tuning pet sitting to the art form your pet needs is what I'm here for.
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